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with Karen Krumpak

“An essential member of my stable of freelance proofreaders and copyeditors; I consider her something of ‘an ace in the hole.’ The quality of her work is extraordinarily and consistently high, and she is capable of turning projects around very quickly when necessary. She has my highest endorsement for her ability, skill, and reliability.”

— Michael Lindgren, managing editor of Melville House Books 

“A superb editor who helped me tremendously, she was both personable and honest in offering me her smart opinions about how my book might be improved. I consider her a collaborator who always respected my intentions and preferences. But it is her taste and her honesty that I found most valuable. I would happily work with Karen again.”

— Dan Attias, director on The SopranosThe Wire, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and author of Directing Great Television: Inside TV's New Golden Age 

“Karen worked for me as an editor at Writer’s Digest magazine, and since that time I’ve come back to her for freelance writing and editing projects time and again. That’s because Karen is a natural storyteller who approaches the practice of editing with a detail-oriented eye while still managing to assess copy on a higher level, whether that means structurally, substantively, or strategically thinking through how it fits into a wider content ecosystem. Not only is Karen a strong professional who always meets her deadlines, but she asks the right questions and pokes at a piece in the right places in such a way that inevitably leaves the work in a far better place.”

— Tyler Moss, former editor-in-chief of Writer's Digest magazine 

“One of the sharpest editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her critiques are incredibly thorough and always hit the nail on the head of what could be improved in a manuscript. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

— Peter Malone Elliot, director of operations at Book Pipeline

“With an eagle eye and a writer’s ear, she is one of the strongest helpers in an author’s toolbox.”

— John Badham, professor at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, director of Saturday Night Fever and WarGames, and author of John Badham On Directing

“Karen is especially good with helping manuscripts that have uneven tone or plot and chronology problems, and addresses these issues with clear and helpful suggestions to the author. She takes a great deal of care with the work and always completes it on time.”

— Arthur Maisel, production editor at Kensington Publishing

“Karen is a true professional who delivers a thorough copy edit of a manuscript every time because she takes the time to consider the voice and intent of the author. She possesses extensive knowledge of the mechanics of editing, as well as the ability to provide thoughtful recommendations based on clarity and correctness.”

— Pamela Turchin, production editor at Etruscan Press

“Karen can be relied upon to provide amazing feedback and constructive criticism to students. She can be trusted to examine documents so that they meet the high standards of Penn State University. When it comes to freelance work, I always recommend Karen first.”

— Damien Cowger, assistant director of the Penn State Harrisburg Learning Center

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